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We come across situations where a child is born, and parents and relatives start contemplating the future profession of the newborn. The infant does not know much how fate contributes to the career dynamics of an individual. It also happens that when people grow up and reach the age of mid-thirties, they realize that they are in the wrong profession. The profession can change at any time depending on the personal interests of people. Sometimes influencers and inspirational boxing speeches lead the future way of the individuals.

You must have heard the names of Nelson Mandela, James Brown, Liam Neeson, and Jean-Paul Belmondo. What do all these celebrities have in common? It is simple: the same passion for boxing, which they all practiced at least once in their lifetime. Here we are sharing some lesser-known facts about your favorite personalities.

Liam Neeson

He was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Liam Neeson is known for his roles in the Taken saga and Rob Roy, Michael Collins, Schindler’s List, and Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Not many people know he boxed at the age of 9 and was a three-time Northern Ireland amateur champion. He had even considered a career before hanging up the gloves at 16 following a concussion during his last fight. It was revealed in one of the recent inspirational boxing speeches.

Nelson Mandela

Before being President of the Republic of South Africa and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, “Madiba” practiced boxing as a heavyweight. He had the opportunity to train in Soweto with Jerry Moloi, South African middleweight champion, in the early 1950s. In his biography, Mandela explains in his inspirational boxing speeches that he trained every night for an hour and a half, Monday to Thursday, often accompanied by his son Thembi.

Jack Rowan

Jack Rowan played the character of Bonnie Gold, a gypsy boxing champion, in the fourth season of Peaky Blinders, a series created in 2013 by the BBC and broadcasted in 2015. A role made for him since he has been practicing boxing since the age of 12 and has 27 amateur fights to his credit, including 18 victories as mentioned in the inspirational boxing speeches about his life.

James Brown

James Brown’s footwork may have come from boxing, which he dabbled in for a while as a child, mostly in the hope of making some money. On January 29, 1946, aged 12, he fought in the welterweight category at the Municipal Auditorium in Augusta (Georgia), where his family then lived. Local newspaper Chronicle reports that the fight ended in a draw.

Mickey Rourke

American actor and screenwriter Mickey Rourke has many films to his credit. The one that earned him the most rewards remain The Wrestler, released in 2009: the story of a returning wrestler who experiences a difficult end of his career and is offered a final return match against his old opponent of the 80s. The ideal role for Mickey Rourke was an amateur boxer with 27 wins, including 17 by KO and three losses, and professional in the light heavyweight with six wins, including five by KO and 2 draws.

Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding is an American figure skater. Legendary has been the first American to perform a triple axel in international competition. She has competed several times at the United States championships, twice at the world championships, and twice at the Olympic Winter Games. At 32, she then began a professional boxing career which lasted two years, first in the featherweight then in the lightweight with three wins, three losses, including two by KO). Her life story is covered in inspirational boxing speeches for her outstanding wins.

Tony Danza

Mainly known for Tony Micelli, in a series presenting a role of single father in Anthony Salvatore Latanza. Tony Danza is also a producer and director in the series. Before that, he envisioned a boxing career, having first been an amateur with seven wins, the first five by KO, and two losses) then professional from 1976 to 1979, in the middleweight ranks with nine wins, all by KO and three defeats, including two by KO. Finally, boxing opened the doors to the acting profession for him since it was during one of his fights in 1978 that he was spotted by the creators of the Taxi series, in which he played his first role as an Italian middleweight boxer! The role has also been rewritten for him; originally, it was an Irish heavyweight boxer.

Kelly Jones

The singer and guitarist of the British band Stereophonics was a hyperactive child. To channel this energy, his uncle, a boxing referee, introduced him to the sport, which he then practiced as an amateur in his native Wales. He fought five fights, all victorious, and therefore retired undefeated. He is widely brought to light in inspirational boxing speeches.

The above list shows the boxers who went out of their way to succeed in their missionary for achieving big in their life. They tried to pursue their passion in boxing over time, but they became into a different profession after serving.

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