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You certainly know the following names: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, world-famous boxers whose fame goes beyond the boxing world. But you might not know the interesting facts about these boxers. You can identify their attributes in the write-up below. You may also get to find these facts in the best boxing podcasts, which revolve around the essential details of the life of the boxers. It may seem ordinary to become a boxer, but several things have turned them into extraordinary.

Muhammad Ali and the Autographs                                               

As a child, Muhammad Ali admired Sugar Ray Robinson, whom he described as ” the king, the master, my idol.” Unfortunately, he refused him an autograph. After his first few titles, Ali was marked by it and swore never to refuse to sign an autograph throughout his career, which he did. He even had a special post office box for his fans to send him autograph requests. Many influencers admire him for this exceptional attribute in the best boxing podcasts.

Doctor Vitali Klitschko

Some think that boxers are just bullies and fighters. It is not true, and Vitali Klitschko is an example of this. He is the first professional world champion to hold a doctorate. He is a doctorate in sports science from the University of Kyiv. His thesis was on “talent and sponsorship in sport.

Sugar Ray Robinson and the Dwarf

Sugar Ray Robinson had a dwarf, Jimmy Karoubi, on his team. Measuring 1.32 meters, he was officially her bodyguard. He also said that Karoubi spoke five languages ​​and served as his interpreter as mentioned in many of the best boxing podcasts.

Al Capone’s bet on Jack Dempsey

On September 22, 1927, the fight between Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey (after a victory for Tunney in 1926). Al Capone reportedly bet $ 50,000 on Dempsey’s victory, which suggested he had rigged the fight. The match’s referee was changed at the last minute to avoid any possible risk. Dempsey lost the fight.

Joe Frazier “The Blind”

In 1965 Joe Frazier had an accident during training which left him with sequelae in his left eye, to the point that he was considered blind in this eye. He only had partial vision. During medical checkups before his fights, after reading Snellen’s chart (letter chart) of the right eye covering his left eye, when medics asked him to cover his other eye, Frazier would cover his eye again, just changing hands! No one knows if the doctors were inattentive or were really deceived by his stratagem, or if they were only pretending to be unaware. Many influencers discuss this incident in the best boxing podcasts.

George Foreman’s Grills

Georges Foreman, two-time heavyweight world champion (1973-1974), made more money as an entrepreneur selling grills in his name than during his entire boxing career. It has sold over 100 million worldwide and ceded its rights to the name in 1999 for $ 138 million.

Bernard Hopkins and the Prison

Multiple world champion, especially in middleweight, the native of Philadelphia Bernard Hopkins discovered boxing in prison. Incarcerated from 1983 to 1987 in the prison of Graterford (Pennsylvania), he explains that he wanted to change his life after one of his fellow prisoners was murdered for a packet of cigarettes. During his sentence, his trainer and mentor was Michael Wilson, one of his fellow inmates who already practiced boxing in prison and passed on his experience to him through rigorous training methods. The story is widely covered in the best boxing podcasts.

Cerdan and Bouttier at Roland Garros

On July 7, 1946, Marcel Cerdan faced Holman Williams on the Central court at Roland Garros. After her victory, Cerdan met Edith Piaf for the first time at the Club des Cinq, where he had gone to attend the singer’s performance to celebrate her triumph. In September 1973, boxing was back at Roland Garros: Alain Delon organized a fight between Jean-Claude Bouttier and Carlos Monzon. Bouttier bowed in front of 15,000 spectators in this enclosure with projectors.

Manny Pacquiao And the Street

Manny Pacquiao’s father was forced to kill the family dog ​​to feed his children when Pacquiao was only 12 years old. Following this episode, Pac-Man left the family home and lived in the street where he managed to obtain bread, peanuts, water, or donuts which he then resold in the streets of General Santos.

Many people face difficulty when starting something new. Still, the best boxing podcasts reveal the accomplishments of boxers who led a successful life after experiencing the highs and lows of the world.

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