My purpose is to Generate Light Outwardly from Within (GLOW)! By doing so, I can serve the world my gift of teaching through my passion for prizefighting.  As a result, others will have a more positive perspective regarding their own unique personal knowledge, skills, abilities, and potential, which will ultimately inspire everyone to GLOW, and collectively light up the world.


To propel PRIZEFIGHTING into its proper position as being the most sought-after competitive sport globally.


 Professor B. Dexterous, commonly referred to as PRO, is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, but currently resides in the Natural State (Arkansas). He is a decorated U.S. Air Force veteran, educator, lecturer, spiritual advisor, USA Amateur Boxing coach, and community activist. He is married with four children, all who inspire him to GLOW.

  • Founder of National Prizefighting Day (June 4th Annually); established in 2017
  • United States Air Force Personnel Specialist of the Year
  • Airman Leadership School John L. Levitow Award Recipient
  • Nominated for Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award (TOYA)
  • Graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with High Honors
  • First Black Chairman of a General Diagnostic Medical Sonography Department in Arkansas state history
  • Trained numerous physicians across the country in Physics and Instrumentation, as well as Diagnostic Imaging Optimization Principles of Sonography

PRO’s Principles

Principles are a set of fundamental truths that serves as the foundation for a belief system. A person’s principles then become their personal constitution by which they govern their lives. Every individual should learn strategies to become a principle – centered person, and “Stand On It!”
Professor B. Dexterous (PRO)